1.  the action or process of transporting someone or something from one place to another

A pallet in the process of becoming a chair, a soldier in the process of becoming a civilian.

My transition from military to civilian life has been unstable, unpredictable, and in search of a new sense of purpose.  In this installation, I ask you to sit, to touch, to look, and to listen...

Domestic noises transition to military sounds of the past. A woodpecker transitions into machine gun fire. The sounds, which are heard when sitting in the chair, integrate memories into daily life. Seemingly meaningless moments can trigger a past even.

Reintegration (floor installation)2015
Floor:  Oak flooring, LED lights, epoxy resin
192" x 240" x 26"

 Conveyance (chair)2015
Oak pallets, fabric, ACU (Army Combat Uniform), audio
26" x 28" x 26"
photo credit:  Jeremy Zietz