A patchwork flag made of donated military uniforms, this installation celebrates though who have served, both in and out of uniform.

            Uniforms tell the story of where we’ve been –
            of jungles and deserts;
            arctic tundra and barren landscapes;
            of high skies and high seas.

           They show our awards
           and hide our scars.

           They’ve been soiled with blood; 
           with sweat;
           with tears. 
           They’ve come out clean on the other side.

           Stories that shape the fabric of our experience,
           theirs are the threads that bind us. 
           Through the telling of each, 
           we are united as one.

           In the telling of the collective, 
           We find our own.

           These are our stories.
           This is our story.

           With deepest thanks to those who donated their uniforms,
           and shared their stories. 
           For all those who have worn the uniform. . . . . .

Military Patchwork Flag, 2018
military uniforms, civilian clothing, walnut, poly-x oil, wax
68" x 42" x 6"
photo credit:  Alicia Dietz