When making a custom piece, I work with each client's sense of style. One-of-a-kind pieces become a collaboration of both the maker and owner. Combining design, function, and craft, I love to explore a variety of mediums to suite your style. What results are heirloom pieces that can be handed down to your children's children.

My attempt to bridge the gap between military and civilian life has led to a body of work which encourages interaction, discussion, and pause. I hope to stretch the idea of what we understand a soldier to be, to question our expectations of a veteran when he is no longer doing the job for which he was trained, and to engage in critical discussions with the public.

Working on large commissions allows me to focus on the small details and then step back to see the larger picture. Whether it's carved trees, public memorials, or image transfer collages, these pieces celebrate the stories behind the institutions and the people that make each organization a success.