Collective Cadence MFA Thesis Show at VCU

After 2 years, my time at VCU has come to an end.  It was a ride filled with blood, sweat, and tears (it was grad school, after all).  

In May, my thesis show, "Collective Cadence" showed at VCU's Depot Gallery.  117 active duty soldiers, veterans, and their spouses generously shared stories with me.  I cannot thank them enough for putting their trust in me to give voice to their words.

The wood boxes (selected and arranged to mimic digital camouflage), talk about the idea of concealment on and off the battlefield.  I was interested in the transparency of our words, the range of emotions a soldier can feel in the matter of a few minutes, and the idea of being an individual in such a massive group.

It was a project that allowed me to reconnect to a community that I have been seeking since I left the Army.  It is also just the beginning.  I hope to work on this project for many years to come, traveling the country to talk to veterans and serve as a conduit.  

If you or anyone you know would like to become involved in this project, contact me at:

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