Maps, Charts, and Diagrams at Arrowmont

This last week, I attended the last of the four craft camps I went to this summer.  Arrowmont, nestled in the heart of Gatlinburg, TN was the perfect way to end my summer experience.  I attended a Maps, Charts, and Diagrams class and got to play with maps for a week.  The class, headed by Laura Mongiovi, was fun, playful, and exploratory.  My classmates were willing to work outside their comfort zone, and I think we all discovered something new.  Here are just a few images of my week in the Textile shop....

 The main building of Arrowmont

The main building of Arrowmont


Using my old aviation approach plates, I decided to interpret it in thread (the fabric is dyed with red onion skins)....


I played with watercolor markers and drew birch trees on fabric (dyed with berries)


Maps and uniforms have been in my mind this past year, and I was playing with ways to incorporate both.  This piece is not done yet, but the outlines of the digital camo uniform are the start of a city map...


In all four classes this summer, I did an interpretation of the American Flag.  This version plays with the idea of highlighting the camo pattern instead of letting it fade into the background.


Working with fabric dyed with tea, I wanted to make a triptych playing with different map types.  The street map is of Richmond, VA.  The river and fall trees map is of the Euphrates.  And the topographical map is the mountains of the Alaskan Range.  I really enjoyed exploring different mark-making techniques on the fabric.


This capped off such a wonderful summer of learning, playing, and exploring.  I am exhausted, but each and every class taught me something new and introduced me to many new friends.