The making of Flying the Flag

My latest project is a set of wall-hung U.S. flags made from many strips of Walnut, cut at various angles, and glued back together to form 3-dimensional flags, giving the illusion that they could be flying in the wind.  This was an exciting project for me to work on, as the American flag holds significant meaning to me from my military days and is finding more and more presence in my work. Check out all of the final photos here

cutting the angles to make the 3D shapes

all of the different angles grouped and ready to puzzle back together to make various 3D shapes

parts of the flag getting glued together

after the 3 small sections are glued, they are then connected and glued to each other

starting the image transfer process

starting to glue the pieces of paper I made from aviation maps (you can see that process in my last blog post)

to see how the flags turned out, click these photos!