Recipe for Map Paper

For a new project that will be a wooden US flag wall hanging, I am making paper to serve as the stripes. But not just ordinary paper - homemade paper made from old military aviation maps. I will post photos of the wood portion in a few days, but here are the process pictures of making the paper.



  • An old, hand-me-down, rugged and worn blender
  • Maps full of color and writing
  • Water
  • Window screen
  • A big storage bin


Prep time: 15 minutes

Total time: 2 hours for 12 sheets


1. Gather maps or any paper you like

2.  Rip into pieces and add to blender


3.  Add water and mix it up.  I blend some thoroughly and others for a shorter period depending on how much of the maps I want to remain recognizable in the paper

4.  Pour into screen frame


5.  Press between another screen and press again (and press again) to get as much water out as possible


6.  Press some more with a wood block to ensure the paper bonds with each other.  Put in a paper press and let dry for several days

detail of the paper showing the pieces of aviation maps

above is a detail of the paper showing the pieces of aviation maps


Stay tuned for how I am going to incorporate this paper into my wooden 3D US flag.

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