Update #1 to Modern Glass Top Coffee Table

Here is an update to the modern glass coffee table... After I took the bends out of the forms, I planed, scraped, and sanded them.  After they were all complete, I stacked them to see if all my math had worked out...

the 2 tables in very rough form

I then started playing with the spacers to see where I would position them...

testing different orientations for the small spacers

making the spacers

I made a template to create a continuous curve for the spacers (above). For each table, I glued one bend at a time, using several bends below it to serve as clamping pressure for the spacers.

gluing up one table

Now the real fun began... using an angle grinder and then a lot of sandpaper, I shaped the continuous curve starting with the inside of each table first, and then the outside. Below is a picture after just a few passes of the angle grinder.

just beginning to carve the inside curve

...you can see the transformation from blocky, angular forms to smooth, subtle curves.

the spacers glued up, before shaping

after some grinding

finally getting smooth

Stay tuned for more progress of the finishing process.

If you want to see pictures from the earlier stages of this project, go to:  http://aliciadietzwoodworking.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/modern-curved-glass-top-coffee-table/