Interconnectivity High Relief Wood Carving

This sketch is how I saw an interconnectivity diagram.  The clusters of circles formed beautiful organic shapes that will transform nicely into a carving. the inspiration for a carving...

Just shortly after removing a lot of wood in the process of creating three levels.

just a few markings, then ready to remove a bunch of wood

After I removed a majority of the wood, I started carving with gouges to get the organic feel of the shapes.

blog 3

With a lot of the shaping done, it was time to sand the high spots smooth to prep them for the veins and circles I will hand carve next.

finally starting to get some definition

Had to get all of the main shapes worked out first...

smoothing out the forms

after the shapes finally got worked out, I was able to start veining the connectivity lines...

blog 6

and then just started to have fun with it. the veins started to remind me of fireworks...

blog 7